Your essay should be a minimum of five well-developed

As your handbook states, “All good writing about literature attempts to answer a question, spoken or unspoken, about the text….The goal of a literature paper should be to address such questions with a meaningful interpretation, presented forcefully and persuasively.” Essay Topic for this paper. One of the most frequently heard words in literary studies is relevance. From writers to readers, from editors to teachers, everyone likes to think, whether they should or not, that the stuff of literature is the stuff of life. One of the key marks of literature–one of the fundamental distinguishing qualities of it–is its ability not only to reveal, but also to reflect, “real life.” That being said, then, for your topic I am interested in knowing how you think one of the stories we have read does just that: how the story you have chosen reveals, reflects, relates to, has relevance to, our world today. Choose only from one of the stories assigned in this course. As you consider, be sure to think about all the ways that we can understand the world …we can, for instance, understand the world globally, nationally, personally; historically, presently, prophetically; physically, emotionally, spiritually; politically, socially, economically. Be sure, as well, that you emphasize the text in both your thinking and your writing: that is, you will want to use the story you choose as the foundation for your discussion and so should rely on plentiful quotations and paraphrase as you extend the text outside to the world. In either case,

Your essay should be a minimum of five well-developed paragraphs–though an essay of 2 ½ -3 pages is ideal.

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