X Block 5 Assessment

8:00 .,114G I
X Block 5 Assessment Brief
There is only one assignment. Please answer the following questions (60%) and then write a research abstract (40%) with your name, student ID number and upload the word document.
Marks out of 100 are show in brackets
A. Answer these questions (60%) 1. What are the 5 stages of the research cycle (10) 2. Define peer review of research articles for journals. Why is peer review used? (20) 3. Define Open Access for journals. List reasons for and against Open Access for research publications (20) 4. Define Impact Factor of journals Why is it used? (10)
B. Write an abstract, with keywords and references (40%)
Write a structured abstract of 300 words. Your abstract should a) define the research problem b) reference research in the area and say what you propose to do to build on previous research c) state the methods you are going to use d) state the potential significance of the findings
Include at least 2 references in correct
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