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I wrote some information May you need it. When can you have this done?

  • Women can drive now in Saudi Arabia as in Sep 26, 2017, King Salman allowed women to drive and get licenses.
  • There are many problems faced women at the beginning of this period; 
  • There are some closed family who refused women to drive especially in the small towns. While in the big cities were very normal as people are opened and more socialized with other culture.
  • At first, when women started to drive in those town, it was very unusual a women drive a car in the street and all the people were stared. After that, with the increased of women drivers, they adapted to see that.
  • Before women can drive in Saudi Arabia, most of the families have private drivers from Asia to help them, drive their kids to school, and drive women to go works. Which was a lack of privacy, and it need a huge budget which include the drivers salary, living allowance, a car and gas. But now, women do not need to pay all of these only the car and gad as they got their license and can drive by themselves and drive their kids to schools.

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