Write an academic paper

Network Design and Management
Semester 2, 2019
due 13 October
You are required to conduct further research in the current technology or topic you used for your first assignment, then write an academic paper that analyses network management systems and tools and performance architecture in relation to that technology or topic.
The paper must adhere to APA style manual standards, and must be referenced to those standards. Your paper format should be similar to the format of papers you have found in the Literature.
IT8416 AIM
To provide students with in-depth understanding of the concepts and procedures used in requirements analysis, design, and installation of computer and communication networks.

  1. Critically assess network management systems and analyse tools and performance architecture.
    ● You are required to research your chosen topic in both the mainstream media and academic journals. Ensure the references you use include at least six academic journal references!
    ● Your first assignment included an implementation plan for a environment based around your chosen technology. This assignment will include an analysis of the tools and the performance architecture available for your implementation.
    ● You are required to write an academic paper, and deliver a presentation, explaining the findings from your research. All assertions (statements phrased as fact in your report) must be supported by relevant references.
    ● The logical structure of your implementation and analysis should follow a published network design methodology, such as the structures suggested in your course texts. You are required to explain how you have used a particular network design methodology.
    The length of the paper is 2000 – 5000 words.
    ● The following dates are the latest available dates for each requirement. You can negotiate earlier dates with your lecturer.
    ● The paper is due 13October. It must be submitted on the appropriate Moodle TurnItIndropbox.
    This assignment contributes 50% of the final course weighting for this 15 credit paper.
    You must list (in APA format) every book, journal article, Internet article etc you have used to prepare your paper. This includes those that you did not make a direct quote from, but from which you used ideas. It is vital to acknowledge other people’s work and contribution when dealing with academic work. You must use correct APA (6th edition) referencing as taught in the Research in Information Technology paper.
    If you have quoted directly or paraphrased from any of your sources you must provide a citation immediately after the quote in correct APA (6th edition) format as taught in class and also a full reference for the source in your Reference Section. Note that paraphrasing is generally preferred. Use of direct quotes should limited.
    Your references should enable someone reading your paper to easily identify and refer to any works you have used.
    Paper Content
    Adherence to a recommended Network Design structure
    Evidence of Mainstream and Academic Research
    Correctly referenced 45 Marks
    25 Marks
    20 Marks
    Physical Presentation and formatting of paper 10 Marks
    100 marks

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