Write a report on UKCBC’s Students Experience

Task 2 Summarising and analysing the data a) Summarise the data collected from the survey by using representative values (arithmetic mean, median and mode) b) Analyse the results of the survey and draw conclusions c) Analyse the data using measures of dispersion d) Explain how you can use quartiles, percentiles and the correlation coefficient to draw useful conclusions [This will enable you to achieve AC 2.1, 2.2 , 2.3 and 2.4] Guideline 1. For this part of the activity, you will need to distribute your questionnaires to your classmates and students in other groups. (NOTABLE MENTION: Surveymonkey.com) 2. Once you collect all of the surveys, you will need to see how many people answered each question. 3. Calculate how many times each person answered each question using Frequency table 4. You will need to offer a brief discussion analysing the data that you have calculated. WHAT DO THE NUMBERS TELL YOU? WHAT DO THE RESULTS TELL YOU? WHAT MORE RESEARCH COULD YOU DO? ScenarioYou have been recently appointed as the Lead Student Representative for UK College of Business andComputing (UKCBC). As part of your new responsibility, you will be representing the student populationat various committee meetings of the college.The college is to be reviewed by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in few months’ time and you havebeen asked to write a report on UKCBC’s Students Experience and Satisfaction which is to presented toQAA. You have held a meeting with …

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