Write a program to input an double array

Q7: Write a program to input an double array, and then computes some simple statistics on that array. The program should have two user-defined methods to help you with the task.
public static void InputArray(double[] array, ref int n) public static double ComputeStats(double[] array, int n, ref double min, ref double max)
InputArray should be similar to Fill from Lab 4. ComputeStats is a bit more interesting. It should return the average of the numbers in the array using a return statement and the minimum and maximum values through the reference parameters min, and max respectively.
You must compute the average, minimum and maximum using a for loop (you are not permitted to use any built-in methods from the Array class. The average, minimum and maximum are to be outputted from the Main method. You can assume that the maximum
number of values in the array will be 20. Add a loop to the Main method to allow the user to process more than one array if they so wish.
**** Note: On this assignment you can assume the correct datatype: that is, if the program requests a double, you can assume that the user will input a double, etc. You need to validate that the data entered is in the correct range.

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