work on this task and the complete information

This video is by CQU college how to collect data.

I need data and title to show to our professor then according to what he says we have to work on this task and the complete information will be provided after data and title will get approved. So, please provide me data and title ASAP so that I can get it checked with my professor.

I’m attaching lecture slides they gave the description and how to find data.

project plan that should not exceed 500, excluding title page, table of content and references. The project plan need to include the following six sections:

  1. Appropriate project topic or title related to one of the four disciplines (marketing, accounting, management, or human resource management) – max. 16 words.
  2. Background and problem statement – briefly provide the background information of the topic/selected organisation. What you would like to research and why? You are advised to integrate the related literature in order to support of the problem statement (about 200 words).
  3. Purpose statement – the aims or objectives to address the identified problem (about 50 words).
  4. Literature review – briefly mention the literature/theories (about 100 words) and key search terms.
  5. Research methodology – please note that in this research you are required to use secondary data source. As such, please describe research methodology, source(s) of secondary data that you will be using and data analysis tools and techniques (about 150 words).
  6. References – provide at least five references following APA 6th style.

Note: Executive summary is not required for project plan.

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