Why does being an educated part of one society matter

Why does being an educated part of one’s society matter? If so, how and why (in a family, neighborhood, community, country, OR globally)?

Your response is answering the question through the use of your provable points, which are support, shown, or explained from quoted material. You must include ‘quotes” from 9 different sources. Of which must be different kinds. (Interview, news article, web blog, book, flyer, magazine article joumal, data base, etc.). Obviously, this is a perspective piece. Some of you will choose to take a more global view; others may choose something closer to home. The topic works either way. The following criteria apply: 1. Proper MLA format 2. A title 3. You must use an intro/conclusion strategy (Title/title reference and Grabber/Grabber echo). The type of grabber you use must be identified in (grabber type) before the opening paragraph. Framework within your introduction which sets up the context of the conversation. Tells the reader why the topic/question is important, relevant, interesting. Defines terms society and 4. education 5. Your thesis should clearly state the provable reasons or ideas that answer the question. (Your thesis must be underlined so that I know you know what your thesis is). For purposes of clarity this is a single sentence at the end of your intro paragraph. Each support paragraph should start with a topic sentence that relates to and supports your thesis and your purpose (written in Italics). 6. 7. Each support paragraph should have specific and detailed support in the form of examples, explanation, data, dates, and quotes” (source). (These examples in each body paragraph MUST relate to the topic sentence of its own paragraph and likewise, the th esis) While many could write a book about the answers to this question, this is a 5 paragraph ONLY, SO word choice matters. You must say what you need to say clearly, stay to the point, and remember why you are writing. Do your words reflect a singular message? Please pay special attention to the rhetorical moves between sentences, i.e.: transitions (here should be at least three In BOLD transitions in each paragraph.) This includes transitions between both paragraphs and sentences ..one word transitions and transitional phrases. This Essay must be turned in with ALL written on drafts (words, punctuation/sentences, paragraph patterns, essay ABC check),

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