Why couldn’t Jonah learn to speak, even with therapy

there is two movies that you have to watch in order to finish all the questions. ( And your name is Jonah) this movie fornthe first set of questions.

(No ordinary Hero SuperDeafy) is my second movie

I will pay 10for each set of questions.

If there is any questions please let me knowAttachment preview

Mario’s Issue 

….And Your Name Is Jonah

Comment on the movie. Kindly answer these questions: 

Why couldn’t Jonah learn to speak, even with therapy and a hearing aid?

How do you explain the father’s reaction to Jonah?

What do you think would happen if Jonah access to sign language during his childhood?

There is a political/educational tug-of-war in this movie concerning the deaf and language. What laws would you make to prevent this from happening to other deaf people?

For my curiosity’s sake, what other situations stood out to you as significant?

Explain me what is the story about my Beer buddy Jeff Bravin and Naomi? What did I do? Their children are hearing but will they have a chance to birth deaf child? Why? How so? At least 150 words in a paragraph. 

What is IEP? Individualized Education Program? Google it up. Summarize a 100 words-paragraph. 

What is Language Deprivation? 

What is the difference between mainstreaming school and deaf school? 

What happens to the Congress of Milan 1880? Google it up, please.

Email me by Monday the 11th with your name.docx format.


No Ordinary Hero: SuperDeafy 

Due by Monday the 25th

In your own words, type your detailed answers to all these questions, upload your work to email me. (Your Name No Ordinary Hero Questions)

Evaluate the mom’s approach to her son’s deafness and the dad’s approach and defend each person’s perspective. Then choose one of them and give them advice from your perspective based on what you have learned in ASL and what you feel as a student yourself. 

Why didn’t Jacob tell his mother the truth when he gets hurt with his knee? If he tells the truth, what happens then? 

Describe the struggles Tony encounters in the movie. Describe some of the struggles, Jacob is dealing with. As you compare the two, describe how their struggles are both different and similar.

List some of the themes touched on in this movie. As you think of some of these themes, which character can you most identify with and why? 

Tell your honest opinion of the movie. Include positives and negatives. Please be specific, rather than just using general statements.  

What is IEP? Individualized Education Program? 

Please define when Tony Kane said “Normal”? What does it mean?

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