What was the tactic used in this response?

My topic Adani’s decision to start work on the Carmichael coal mine in Queensland  You can represent either Adani or Galilee Blockade, an environmental action group and member of the Stop Adani coalition. Assessment Item 2: Analytical report Length: 1500 words Links to unit objectives: 1, 2, & 4. Relates to AOLs: KS (1.1); HO (2.1 and 2.2); and PC (3.1) Due date: TBA Percentage of final grade: 30% Brief description: Using the same organisation and issue as you used in the first assignment, present a report that analyses and critiques a response your organisation has made to the issue. Your analysis should include the use of one of Grunig and Hunt’s four historical models, plus either systems theory, public opinion, co-orientation, or organisational reputation. Step-by-step guide to preparing Assignment 2: Analytical report In the Report (Assessment Item 1), you identified your organisation’s publics in relation to a given issue. In the analytical report, you should identify, analyse, and critique a response your organisation has made to one of these publics in relation to the issue. Identify and analyse ONE specific public relations tactic that your organisation has used in reality to respond to this issue. As a guide to structuring your analytical report, consider answering the following questions in relation to that tactic: What was the tactic used in this response? Who was the response made to? Why was the response made to them? Why was this response made to them? Please refer the assessment 1 of adani

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