What other reasons explain this disappearance?

  1. The authors were surprised at the quality of the M. leprae DNA. Why were they surprised? What do they think protected the DNA from normal damage expected for aDNA?
  2. Explain Figure 3B. Focus on the big picture, not the details. Do not repeat every number and name in it, but do explain what the abbreviations and numbers tell us. Be sure to explain why some of the lines go all the way to the right, while some are shorter. Be sure to explain the x-axis.
  3. Leprosy used to be a serious disease in Europe and elsewhere, and still is in some places. In the 16th century, leprosy almost disappeared from Europe. Did it become less virulent? Why do the authors say that? What other reasons might explain this disappearance?

I need the questions above answered in 2 fill double spaced pages. previously i didn’t get some questions answered and thats not fair to me. I want them all answered and i want 2 fullpages when i double space it.

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