What is the standard deviation of weights of romas

Tomatoes. Agricultural scientists are working on developing an improved variety of Roma tomatoes. Marketing research indicates that customers are likely to bypass Romas that weigh less than 70 grams. The current variety of Roma plants produces fruit that averages 74 grams, but 11% of the tomatoes are too small. It is reasonable to assume that a Normal model applies.

a) What is the standard deviation of the weights of Romas now being grown?

b) Scientists hope to reduce the frequency of undersized tomatoes to no more than 4%. One way to accomplish this is to raise the average size of the fruit. If the standard deviation remains the same, what target mean should they have as a goal?

c) The researchers produce a new variety with a mean weight of 75 grams, which meets the 4% goal. What is the standard deviation of the weights of these new Romas? d) Based on their standard deviations, compare the tomatoes produced by the two varieties.

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