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Web Systems Development Visual Studio 2012 ASP.Net 4.5

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In the following exercises you will create a simple local web site (called Prac1) using Visual Studio 2012.

The web site allows people to order pizzas from a fictitious pizza shop called Gourmet Pizza. Read the entire

Practical Set 1 document below to get an overview of what is required before you start.

MultiView Control Pizza Ordering Form

You will need to know about Multiview forms and Validation controls to complete this exercise.

It may also be necessary to explore the use of Regular Expressions via the web for some of the validation


Using Visual Studio 2012 create a Web Forms Application called Prac1. Within the root folder of this web

site create a multiview aspx form that can be used to allow a customer to give their details, select a type of

pizza to buy, and pay. The multiview form will need four views as described below. Ensure that you include

appropriate validation controls for views 1, 2, and 3. Each view should contain appropriate navigation

mechanisms to be able to change the view being seen/used by the user. Format the page/views using CSS

to a professional level that is appropriate for this type of web application. The aspx file should be saved as


View 1: Customer Details

Form fields in view:

• Title (customer chooses from Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms) – required

• First Name – required, English letters and hyphen only

• Last Name – required, English letters and hyphen only

• Date of birth – required, date must be prior to 1st July 1998

• Address – required

• Suburb – required

• Postcode – required, 4 digit number only

• Daytime Phone – required, 10 digit number only

• Email address – required, valid email address format

View 2: Pizza ordering Details

Form fields in view:

• Choice of 5 different types of pizzas (required, only 1 type can be chosen)

o Big Cheese

o BBQ Beef

o Chicken and Pineapple

o Pepperoni Feast

o Vegetarian

• Choice of pizza sizes (required, only one size can be chosen)

o 9 inches

o 11 inches

o 13 inches

• Quantity (required, must be a positive integer)

View 3: Customer Payment Details

Form fields in view:

• Credit Card Type (required, only one choice)

o Visa

o MasterCard

o Discover

o American Express

• Name on Card – automatically filled in from the data obtained in View 1

• Card Number – required, 15 digits for American Express or 16 digits for the other 3 types of cards

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• Card Expiry (month and year) – required

• Card Security Code – required, 4 digits for American Express or 3 digits for the other 3 types of


View 4: Summary of Pizza ordering

• Display in this view a meaningful summary of the details entered by the customer in View 1, 2, and 3

for confirmation. Also allow the user to be able to go back to any chosen view to make changes to

the data they have entered in that view.

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