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(e.g. dreamcatcher, tribe, Hiawatha, etc.) students who can’t think of a term can be assigned one by the instructor if they prefer. Once a web search is conducted. students will choose one image from the search results. In either written format or via audio/video recording or presentation software (PowerPoint, Adobe Spark, PowToon, an Infographic tool. Panopto, etc.) students will provide the following information:
• A description of the image, its source, and context of where it came from • What is the intention of the image? What is the image trying to convey? • Does the image appear to be an: authentic representation, i.e. Indigenous-created a respectful representation. i.e. non-Indigenous created but done in a way that doesn’t otherwise, cause disrespect, or fall into one of the stereotypes/tropes being discussed in class a disrespectful representation, i.e. not Indigenous created and otherising, disrespectful, stereotypical. or uninformed a racist representation, i.e. not Indigenous created and intentionally harmful. deliberately misrepresentative, or an image which causes Indigenous people to be seen as lesser-than or
• Is the image an example of appropriation? Why or why not? Expectations • Students must answer each of the questions outlined. There are no word minimums or limits and no formatting restrictions, however each assignment does not need to exceed 300-500 words. If using a presentation tool. the presentation should be 3-5 minutes. Submission Requirements This assignment must be submitted in one of the following file format(s). • .doc/.docx, .pdf, .wav, .mp3, .mov. or .vIc • Submit as 1LastName,FirstName] EveryPictureTellsaStory
Course Learning Outcomes
After completing this assignment, you will meet the following Course Learning Outcomes:
• CL01: Exarnine the social implications of Indigenous representations in media. • CL02: Discuss the intent behind portrayals of Indigenous peoples throughout various media. • CL03: Identify methods to deconstruct media messages and representations.
Every Picture Tells a Story Rubric
Ratings Pts
Assignment 5 to >4.0 pts 4 to >3.0 pts compietion & ewenent Good C°mPrehens.n Assignment is Assignment is complete and complete and shows a demonstrates an comprehensive understanding of understanding of the questions the que.ons and and subject subject matter. matter.
Thoughth,1 Response
5 to >4.0 pts 4 to >3.0 pts Excellent Good Response is Response is complete and complete and addresses all addresses most points outlined. or all points Response outlined. demonstrates Response introspection. demonstrates curiosity. and/or introspection additional and/or curiosity research. I arnbouetrth. e subject comparisons. or I connections in a thoughtful way.
3 to >2.0 pts Emerging Assignment is mostly complete and shows emerging
2 to >0 pts Limited Assignment is incomplete or does not 5 os address the
understanding of outlined the subject subject. matter.
3 to >2.0 pts Emerging Respou rise is te aninds a Lcrems sPel se a few of the points outlined. Response has some :itghlelrenseunbtject matter.
2 to >0 pts Limited Response is incomplete or does not discuss the points outlined.
5 pts
Total Points: 10