want to focus on the text at the level of image

This assignment relates to D. H. Lawrences Sons and Lovers. Choose one of following topics and compose an essay of no less than 1100 to no more than 1400 words. You will want to focus on the text at the level of image, word, and phrase and to make liberal use of quoted material in your discussions. Your essay should reflect your own writing and analysis, but be sure to quote from the primary text in support of your claims and, where appropriate, to cite the secondary source. See also the preliminary remarks concerning secondary material. Topic 2 In a remarkable letter, Lawrence wrote: Their marriage has been one carnal, bloody fight. I was born hating my father: as early as ever I can remember. I shivered with horror when he touched me. He was very bad before I was born. This has been a kind of bond between me and my mother. We have loved each other, almost with a husband & wife love, as well as filial & maternal. We have been like one, so sensitive to each other that we never need words. It has been rather terrible & has made me, in some respects, abnormal. (7) Fiction is not the same as autobiography, but would you describe Paul as an abnormal character as a consequence of his relationship with his mother? Lawrence, D. H. The Selected Letters of D. H. Lawrence. Ed. Diana Trilling. New York: Farrar Straus and Cudahy, 1958. 68.

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