Virtualisation, Installation and Documentation

COIT20266 Systems Security Administration
Week 01 [1]
COIT20266 – Systems Security Administration
Week 01 – Virtualisation, Installation and Documentation
This week is all about getting the base software downloaded and
installed, and documenting the process, so that we can repeat it
if we ever need to.
Once the base installation is completed, we will take a copy of it
so that we don’t have to go through the full installation process
Software we need to install
* VirtualBox ( – virtualisation software which
allows us to install and run operating systems on top of other
operating systems.
* Ubuntu Server (, – a Linux based operating
* man – ( – “used for displaying
Unix and Linux manual pages”.
Chapters we need to read
* 01 – Where to Start
* 03 – Booting and Shutting Down
* 08 – Storage
* 12 – Software Installation and Management
* 32 – Management, Policy and Politics.

COIT20266 Systems Security Administration
Week 01 [2]
Read all of the recommended chapters before beginning the base
server installation. This will give us some background
information that should help in understanding what is happening
during the installation and also provide us with an understanding
of the importance of documenting our system.
Chapter 3:
Some of the details about the Ubuntu “upstart” system do not apply
to the latest version of Ubuntu – “upstart” is now fully
integrated. Full details can be found at in
particular the “Cookbook” provides a good reference.
Grub 2 is used in our system, so many of the details in the text,
in particular the location of configuration files, do not match up
with our system. Documentation for Grub 2 can be found at, note that the main configuration
file for Grub 2 is /etc/default/grub.
Building the base system
As the installation process is rather long, the details are
provided in a separate document titled “
Base Server Installation“.
Download it and follow the steps to install and configure the base
server. Read the assessment items below before starting the
installation as we need to record some details during the
1. From your reading, write a short, concise description of what
you think are the major responsibilities of a System
2. Write a summary of the installation of VirtualBox and the
Ubuntu Server. Include details of how easy or hard it was, how
long it took, any problems that were encountered and what you did
to resolve them.

COIT20266 Systems Security Administration
Week 01 [3]
3. Submit a screen capture of the Ubuntu Server systems disks
(don’t worry if it scrolls off the screen). Details of how to do
this can be found in the Chapter 8 reading. The command to run is
sudo fdisk -l.
4. Submit a screen capture of each of the following:
the systems Volume Groups
the systems Logical Volumes
the systems Physical Volumes
Details of how these can be generated are provided in the Chapter
8 reading. The commands to run are
sudo vgdisplay, sudo lvdisplay
and sudo pvdisplay.
5. Submit a screen capture of the systems disk free space.
Details of how to do this can be found in the Chapter 8 reading.
The command to use is
6. A good System Administrator documents everything they do so
that they can go back and do it again if they need to, without
having to research the process again.
Now that we have done an installation using the
“Base Server
guide, create a Systems Administrator Log, and
record the details of the Base Server installation. Include the
following basic details: date, author, changes/updates you made,
and configuration options/choices you made, and reasons. Add any
other details or headings you think are important. Keep the
entries as brief as possible, but enough to understand what
happened. Discuss it on the course forum if you are not sure what
to do.
Once you’ve created your Systems Administrator Log, continue to
use it as a living document for the remainder of term (ie, keep
updating it) for your own use.
7. Run levels, starting up and shutting down:
Review the readings for the week and also the “upstart_cookbook”
reference provided in the Readings section above and answer the
following questions related to our Ubuntu Server.
a) Briefly describe each of the run levels available on our
b) Briefly summarise the startup and shutdown process for our
system i.e. what happens during startup and shutdown. [The
“upstart_cookbook” will help in answering this question.]

COIT20266 Systems Security Administration
Week 01 [4]
How to submit:
Include all answers, screen captures, Systems Administrator Log
etc. as a single Word document zipped up as It is due
in Week 3 – check for exact date.