Virtual Private Networks are private networks

Virtual Private Networks are private networks that are created for connecting two or more remote locations with each other in a manner that they fall in the same logical network. Honestly, the benefits of VPN deployment are comparatively much more than its limitations.

VPN is quite secure as it utilizes several kinds of encryption procedures that are quite secure in nature. As per Stewart (2013), the actual objective of VPN is to assist the business collaborators of organizations to be able to communicate with each other in a safe manner through assistance of Internet Protocol Security. VPN has proved to be one of the real advancements of prudence through which several staff members and employees are able to execute work from remote locations. Due to the fact that VPNs route the entire network traffic by means of a tunnel and it so appears that one is resorting to the Internet from some other location, this way one can easily utilise VPN for getting around several few restrictions that are placed on content and websites. (Iqbal, 2019)

The strongest point of a VPN can also be considered as its week in point because the strong encryption that it undertakes is quite time taking and therefore it becomes disappointingly slow at times. In addition, the network complexity increases with the better quality VPN since it uses various network topologies, protocols as well as hardware devices for network creation. (Stewart, 2013)


The examples of the advantages of the VPN include the possibility of unlocking and several streaming services that you like, for instance Netflix, BBC and Hulu. A VPN provides security to the connection as well as gives protection from several kind of threats online, such as hackers. It helps in saving money as one can mask the IP address while making online bookings for flights or hotels.

The limitation of VPN is exhibited in the example that some of the VPN come with slow speed and does cause lagging when you stream. Some of the streaming services like Netflix has implemented through VPN blocks.


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