Usual Presentation Page

Usual Presentation Page

Policy/Regulation Fact Sheet

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University- Fall 2019

N6051-XX – Transforming Nursing and Healthcare Through Technology




— This assignment requires a Fact Sheet only (not your usual scholar paper).

— BASE FOR this Fact Sheet Assignment: You study a recent nursing informatics-related healthcare policy and you share the relevant details via the Fact Sheet designed to inform and educate.

— If you need samples of fact sheets, CDC & WHO (among many others) provide good ones. However, you can build your own as long as it addresses all the requirements of the assignment (see next page)

***See schedule of Learning Objectives in Module 6


REQUIREMENTS (see grading rubric):

Your Policy/Regulation Fact Sheet (title)

Briefly identify and provide information on the policy or regulation you have selected *** (No need for Purpose of Paper).

Impact of the Policy/Regulation on System Implementation (heading)

Shortly describe such impact.

Impact of the Policy/Regulation on Care, Interactions, and Workflow (heading)

Shortly address such impacts

Organizational policies and Procedures in Place at my Place of Work (heading)

What are those specific policies/procedures?

Where can I get more information? (heading)

Provide relevant links

*** No need for a References List since you’ve already provided such info in “Where can I find more information?” —

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