Use the functionalist idea to argue.

Use the functionalist idea to argue.

The Specifications

Type the essay, but submit it printed

Word count is between 600-800 (rough number)

Optional outline described below

Write between 8 and 18 paragraphs

The Style

Strive for a formal style, but first person is permitted

Strong verbs are encouraged (Throttle, smash, pulverize, weep, deride, etc.)

The tone should be serious, well-informed, but humor has its place

Arguments should be logical and coherent, but aware of their limitations

The Outline

Note: each of these points do not represent a paragraph. This is only the sequencing of the ideas.

A. Introduction: state your claim and what makes it significant. Why is the topic relevant?

B. Thesis: Use the third type of thesis described in your book (page 96)

C. Counter claim, deal with the other side of the argument, the points that would weaken

your side. Use concession (where do you agree?) then argue against the relevant points.

D. Arguments in your favor. Organize them from the weakest to the strongest.

E. Conclude with a restatement of the claim: a call to action, a clarification of the value to

be enforced or the fact to be asserted.

Or the Classic Oration Model

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