use of software, current literature

This project is divided into four (4) parts with one (1) part for each week of the course. Based on their readings, the use of software, current literature and other sources do the following:

1. Download a data set from under the category of finance or education on the home page.

Week 1: Send a 1 page report (including the exhibition) detailing the selection of the data set you downloaded and how you plan to analyze this data to present to the administration and make relevant decisions about that data. Include a screenshot of your data set with your report (just a sample, not the entire data set).

For example, if you selected a set of data on education that showed tuition costs for the entire university during the past 10 years, you can say that you plan to show how tuition costs have increased or decreased during that time. This can help management determine if their tuition costs are in line with comparable universities. You can say that you intend to break down costs by location, type of school, etc.

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