Types of leadership power and situational approaches

In this module, you learned about the types of leadership power and the situational approaches to leadership used to determine appropriate leader behavior.Answer the following questions by posting 1-2 paragraphs each:

  1. Based on your experience with a person in a leadership position over you, describe the type of power that leader has used and provide an example of how it worked to motivate you in a particular situation. If you were the leader in this situation, what two leadership approaches would you have used? Support your response.
  2. Assume that you are a manager at a company and interact frequently with two other managers, Manager A, and Manager B. Manager A is laid back, friendly to their employees, and displays frequent concern for their welfare. Manager B is very authoritative, focuses much of their attention on employee performance, and on the work at hand. Identify the types of leadership behavior exhibited by Manager A and Manager B according to the Michigan Studies and Ohio State Studies.
  3. Based on the leadership behavior identified for Manager A and Manager B in the second question, determine which leadership style each manager is displaying according to the Managerial Grid discussed in this module. Relate the styles to how each would influence employees.

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