• This assignment is worth 50% of the overall course
  • The cut-off date for this assignment is As Per Required. Late submissions are subjected to the mark deduction
  • Ensure that the cover page shows the title of your course, the topic, the date, your name and your PI
  • Name your document strictly to this format: FullName_TMA01 or
  • The submitted assignment is limited to a word length not exceeding 2000 words (excluding references). Do a word count and indicate the word length on the last page. It should be typewritten, double-spaced, with a size 12-font face and a 2.54 cm (one-inch) margin all round. All pages should be numbered.
  • Plagiarism and/or collusion is a form of cheating and is not acceptable in any form in assignments and examinations. Please ensure your references are correctly cited in APA format.

Theories and Principles of Supervision for Social Work Question

Interview ONE (1) supervisor and examine the following:

  • Identify the theoretical model of social work supervision at the supervisor’s        (20 marks)
  • Discuss the developmental stage of the        (30 marks)
  • Appraise the cultural diversities of the supervisor’s     (20 marks)
  • Evaluate the ethical challenges encountered by the      (20 marks)
  • Include discussion on other topics such as the three functions, skills, use of self and citation of references with a smoothly linked paper 

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