Trends That Affect The Future

As with any business, the nonprofit sector needs to understand the changing business environment. As a leader, being aware of trends and implementing strategies to incorporate those trends is necessary. Social media is one example of a trend that has continued to increase as part of an organization’s strategic plan. Social media launched the Ice Bucket Challenge in the summer of 2014. During the summer, “More than 17 million people uploaded their challenge videos to Facebook; these videos were watched by 440 million people a total of 10 billion times” (ALS Association, 2015). Not only has the company raised significant awareness of ALS, but “the ALS Association’s annual budget is typically around $20 million. Since the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the Association has been able to significantly expand its programs and services, increasing its annual budget to about $40 million for the current fiscal year” (ALS Association, 2015).

For this Discussion, review the Forbes article “One Sector More Poised for the Future than Either Business or Government” in this week’s Learning Resources.

By Day 4

Post an explanation of key trends and dynamics that you believe are most likely to affect the nonprofit sector of the future (i.e., 10 years from now) and the likely implications. Be sure to include at least two resources outside of the classroom.

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