Trace the diagnosis backwards to reveal

Word length: 1200 words (10% variation on word limit okay); word count does not include references, the reference list or figure/diagram legends. Topic: Foetal Respiratory Distress Syndrome (due to premature delivery at 24 weeks gestation). Assignment Brief Reverse Case Study A case study assignment normally presents a variety of symptoms and test results that need to be explored to conclude a disease diagnosis. This assignment is a reverse case study! You have been provided with a disease or syndrome that is present in an infant. The purpose of this assignment is to trace the diagnosis backwards to reveal (a) the aetiology and pathophysiology of the disease, (b) the likely tests that would be used to diagnose the disease, (c) the symptoms and test results likely found in the infant, and (d) the developmental embryological origins of the disease. Section (d) should further address the normal embryological development of the major system affected by your disease and how and why it develops abnormally/becomes abnormal in your disease. As this is a 3rd year assignment, a significant mark allocation will be attributed to your skills in critically researching your given disease. Your assignment should be written in a highly scientific manner and should be referenced with quality journal papers only. It is envisaged that a minimum of two review and seven original research papers will form the basis of your reference list – although more is encouraged. Specialist embryological text books may be used (and should be referenced appropriately) to compose the “normal embryological development” section of your assignment. It is unacceptable to use websites such as Wikipedia for the composition of your assignment; however such sites may be used for background reading. All references used for your assignment must be correctly cited and listed in an alphabetically- or numerically-ordered reference list at the end of the assignment. Failure to comply with the referencing requirements of this assignment may result in failure. The use of fully-described diagrams, photos obtained from real case study’s; tabulated test results etc to illustrate key concepts throughout your assignment, is also encourage (these should also be referenced).

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