Topic 8 Elevator Pitch MGT501

Topic 8 Elevator Pitch MGT501

Sam’s dilemma

“Ok. So, the biggest problem right now is that the culture of my unit is stuffed big time…I need to build more of an innovation mindset here. You know, that’s really important in this industry…. But, where do I start?”

This is the opening line in a long ramble about a litany of problems and conflicts that Sam has been facing since he was appointed as a manager in an IT services firm in Sydney, Australia. As you listen, Sam’s dilemma is sounding familiar to you. This is not the first time you have heard about how organisational culture can turn performance into pulp.

You have known Sam for about five years, since you both met in business school. You keep in touch mostly by Facebook and LinkedIn; occasionally you meet up for coffee or lunch in the city.

Since finishing your business degree you have been thinking about going into consulting, either with a consulting house or with a partner. As Sam is talking, you see an opportunity to practice your pitching skills in responding to Sam’s dilemma.

You want to help Sam. You’d be interested in being hired by Sam, perhaps on a part-time basis, to help him out, what would you say right now in response to his diagnosis of the culture in his unit? Where would you go with him? You don’t have a long time to get his interest – this is often the case in consulting.

Now – in 130 words, or about 1 minute of speaking, what would you say to Sam? You’d also like to recommend a few pieces of reading for Sam to consider.

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