These function prototypes lack parameters

Write a program that emulates the behavior of a bus. The bus must have a schedule ( a finite number of times for it to stop) and a certain capacity (number of passengers). In this program the bus has two states: stopped and going. Over time, events take place, such as stopping the bus ( for which the bus must already be going ), loading passengers, unloading passengers, or starting the bus. For each event, the current state of the bus must change accordingly. Each time the bus stops, it must load and unload passengers. The number of passengers that will be unloaded at every bus stop must be generated randomly. The number of passengers waiting for the bus at each stop is also generated randomly. The bus should load as many waiting passengers as possible without exceeding the bus capacity. Write a program that implements this model, with the following operation:

void stop_bus(); /* Stop the bus */

void start_bus(); /* Start the bus */

void load_pass(); /* Load passengers */

void unload_pass(); /* Unload passengers */

Note: These function prototypes lack parameters; add whatever parameters you feel are necessary so that the program works without global variables. The program’s output should reflect the bus’s actions by reporting each change in state, along with the number of passengers loaded and unloaded.

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