“The Sixth Extinction”

IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE USE THE REFERENCE FROM THE AUTHOR ELIZABETH KOLBERT BOOK CALLED, “The Sixth Extinction” An UnnaturalStory. You must use pages from this book to reference when answering the questions below.
In this post, list two pieces of information in the book that were presented as fact or firmly held opinion, and challenged your thinking. It is preferred that you find things that challenge the thoughts, at least to some degree, that you described in your Journal entry from Lesson 7, but you are welcome to address other beliefs you have as well. The goal is for you to discuss ideas that are deeply and vigorously held, if at all possible.Describe the book content that challenged your thinking. Indicate where you found it in the book (page number(s) at least).Describe how it challenged your thinking. State with specificity what your previously held belief was.Perform some research to see if the author’s assertions are true or not. State the findings of your research and how it confirms or contradicts the statements. Use at least one source of reliable information for each.Briefly analyze the source of information that you used in terms of how reliable they are and why.Your entry must be organized and easy to follow for full credit.Just copy and paste a direct link to your journal page below.Don’t forget that you need to analyze two items! See the attached rubric for grading.

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