the rubric on Blackboard for the marking criteria


Maximum Length: 1500 words, excluding appendix

Due Date: Wednesday 15 June, 2020 at 6PM AWST

This assignment contains TWO questions in multiple parts. Answer ALL parts of ALL questions. Consult the rubric on Blackboard for the marking criteria. DO NOT discuss your answers to these questions on the Discussion Board. Make your submission on Blackboard through TurnitIn by the due date.

Question 1 [70 Marks in total]

You have the hypotheses that engagement with discussion board activities in a university course will improve learning.

You intend to use Social Network Analysis to determine the extent to which:

  • each student engages in discussion board activities; and
  • the level to which that engagement is likely to impact peers.

Your aim is to identify:

  • patterns of successful engagement between students; and
  • the extent to which engagement improves learning, measured using final marks.

1a. Write a research proposal that explains your approach to the given scenario. This should include the analysis of network node density, degree centrality, and betweenness centrality. Your proposal should include mock data to explain the analysis principles to be used by your study.

[25 Marks]

1b. Specify how your study will uphold National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) values and principles regarding research merit and integrity, justice, beneficence, and respect. In particular, discuss the risks and benefits of the proposed study, and how you will manage informed consent. Supply a participant information sheet and informed consent form in the appendix. The information sheet should include a statement regarding how privacy will be protected and methods to collect, store, share, publish, and retire collected data.

[25 Marks]

1c. In explaining your proposal to a member of the press, a reporter wants to know if your project is an example of “Big Data”. Give your responses in the context of volume, variety, velocity, veracity, and value. Compare your project to another Learning Analytics project. Clearly state all assumptions (e.g. cohort size, longitudinal data).

[20 Marks]

Question 2 [30 Marks in total]

Question 2 is about learning arising from your engagement with discussion board activities.

2a. Reflect on your most significant discussion board post, and what it contributed to your own learning and to the learning of others regarding an ISYS5007 activity or data management topic.

[10 Marks]

2b. Reflect on the most significant post on an ISYS5007 activity or data management topic made by a classmate to which you replied, and how the interaction contributed to your own learning.

[10 Marks]

2c. Make weekly posts to the discussion board and provide all of them in an appendix.

[10 Marks]

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