the overall goal of persuading our audience

Prepare a five to seven (5-7) minute persuasive speech in which you prepare a speech with the overall goal of persuading our audience of a topic of your choice. You will provide the instructor your topic for this speech in a discussion for approval.
You may use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence organizational pattern from chapter 13 for this assignment.
You will use at least five (5) pieces of evidence from chapter 12 (statistics, testimony, examples) of which two may be the same (for example: you could use two stats, two testimonies, and one example).
You must use at least five (5) outside sources (three of which may be from the Internet; sources from Wikipedia may not be used). At least two sources must be physical sources such as books, magazines, newspapers, etc.
A visual aid is required for your persuasive speech. The object(s) you choose must be large enough for your immediate audience to see and for the instructor to see on the speech video. You may use a Power Point slide on a large screen, enlarged photos, etc. However, if the object is not large enough to be seen in detail on the video the instructor will not be able to provide feedback or points (due to the lack of ability to view the visual aid object).
Your speech will include the following:
Introduction (Attention)
Attention getter statement (consider a quote, short story, fun fact, etc.)
Central Idea
Credibility Statement
Preview of Main Points
3 Main Points (Need, Satisfaction, Visualization)
Transitions (between all sections of your speech)
You can choose your own transition or consider using: “Now that I have told you about , I’m going to tell you about .”
Conclusion (Action)
Review of Main Points
Clincher Statement (consider a quote, an idea you want your audience to remember, etc.)

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