The Evolution of a Claim

For Unit 2, we will be exploring the topic of “Fake News & the Unstable State of Journalism.” Below are two really important resources for you. One is a PowerPoint that will guide you through the introduction to this unit, and the other is a handout called “The Evolution of a Claim.” You will be submitting this handout after you watch the videos in this introduction, so it’s really important that you download it, and fill it out as you watch them. I recommend you open the PowerPoint in another tab and make sure you save the “Evolution of a Claim” handout to your computer or Google Drive so you don’t lose your work. Please note that if for some reason, the videos don’t play in the PowerPoint, I have embedded them below as well. There is also a PDF version of the PowerPoint available.

Now that you have watched some videos in the introductory PowerPoint for this unit and filled out “The Evolution of a Claim” handout, please upload your handout to the submission area. This is a credit/no credit assignment, so as long as you filled out the boxes with your own ideas, you will get full credit. Please make sure you do not upload a blank document.

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