the creation of a fraud prevention

The final project for this course is the creation of a fraud prevention and detection policy for a selected industry or company. The ultimate objective of forensic accounting is for an organization to be reasonably certain that it is preventing fraud and that it can detect it if it is occurring. This final product represents an authentic demonstration of competency because you will use what you have learned to show how you would help an organization achieve these goals.

Main Elements

This project examines fraud prevention and detection. You will select an industry or company to target. The goal is to apply what you have learned in the course in a real-world situation for an actual industry or company.

Your final fraud prevention and detection policy should cover the following issues:

1. Fraud awareness and prevention policies
2. Individual risk factor management (promotion of moral behavior, code of ethics, etc.)
3. Training
4. Fraud detection and response policies (including evidence gathering)
5. Controls over physical and logical access
6. Employee controls and supervision policies
7. Accounting reconciliation and analysis
8. Organizational audits and the audit function
9. Senior management support and enforcement of the policy

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