The citation format is always consistent

Sample Discussion Citation Format

The discussion format will sometimes vary from week to week. The citation format is always consistent.

For your discussion entries, you must provide in-text citations following the MLA format. It is only optional to provide a bibliography.1 The following are some examples of how to cite an entry properly:

The 14th amendment provided a federal guarantee to U.S. citizens for a number of rights, including naturalization and barring former Confederates from holding political office (Amendment 14).

Professor Furgol points out that sharecropping created “cyclical multi-generational poverty,” amongst former slaves and poor whites across the former Confederacy (Reconstruction, slide 19).

President Andrew Johnson reversed what little land distribution had taken place in 1865, and returned land to former plantation owners across the former Confederacy (OpenStax, pg. 469).

The above are the type of sources you will use for this class (website, e-lectures, and the OpenStax textbook). If you ever have any doubts on how to provide an in-text citation ask through the Course Questions Discussion forum! Do not blow it off, it can cost you a significant amount of points over the course of the semester!

1 Bibliographies are optional because each week has assigned reading, and your entry’s support ought to come from those readings.

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