the Annual Report and Accounts of Thomas Cook

Task One
Using the Annual Report and Accounts of Thomas Cook for the period 2015,2016,2017 and 2018, you are required to evaluate the performance of the company.The reports and accounts for these years are available atthe folowing link:

You should:
(a) Evaluate the performance of PSA Groupe in the following areas, using ratio analysis:
· Profitability
· Liquidity/Solvency
· Working capital efficiency
· Long term financial structure
· Investors’ perspective

When completing Part (a) take the following into account:
1. 4 years of analysis would be worthwhile.
2. Benchmarking to at least one competitor
3. Make sure that you explain why the ratios are changing and what the implications or conclusions of this are.
4. Don’t forget to comment on the views of specific stakeholders.
5. Contemplate your presentation. This work lends itself to the use of graphs, charts, tables and so on.

Task Two
Considering your response to Task One, and any further reading, you are required to provide advice, accompanied by rationale, as to whether you would recommend a buy, sell or hold (if they are already owned) policy for investors/potential investors in PSA shares.

Task Three
You are required to follow the link below and to read the material concerning the production process and philosophy followed by PSA Goupe. There are also some very informative and interesting videos within the link.

You must critically discuss the philosophies and approaches of the PSA manufacturing process and compare and contrast it with the theories and practices advocated and championed by the renowned Toyota Production System (TPS).

In addition, you should also consider, and comment on, the potential downsides of such philosophies in today’s turbulent global vehicle manufacturing environment?

Appropriate credible academic and practitioner literature sources must be used to support your critical analysis and the Harvard style of referencing must be adopted.

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