Technical Writing

The assignment should be done TODAY Feb,09,15 at 2:15pm *NO REFERENCES, *write an email by using given information. 1 page . *write an e-mail based on the situation available in the attached file. *Focus on important detail when requesting information. *You should add bullet points to list details. * i also upload power point as an example of the assignment. (The PPT has an example letter. ) *your own words it should be 1. summary 2. context 3. details 4. next steps. You are working  for No-Leak  Construction Ltd.,  a medium-sized  builder  operating  primarily  in the  Lower  Mainland. You ‘ve  recently  shown  your team  an article  in Construction Canada about Hybrid  heating  systems  and every one  agreed  that  incorporating such  a heating system  into  some  of the proposals  that one  are working  on may  help one  win  the contract. The technology is new enough that  not every  company  will be aware  of it so one  could give oneself  an edge.

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