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IMAT5101 OO Programming Assignment 1

IMAT5101 OO Programming Assignment 1
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Faculty of Technology – Course work Specification 2019/20
Module name: Object Oriented Programming
Module code: IMAT5101
Title of the Assignment: Assignment 1: Design and test a class
This coursework item is: Summative
This summative coursework will be marked anonymously No
The learning outcomes that are assessed by this coursework are:
1. Be able to select appropriate API facilities in the design, implementation and testing of OO
applications and applets.
This coursework is: Individual
This coursework constitutes 20% to the overall module mark.
Date Set: Monday 23
rd October 2019 at 00:01.
Date & Time Due: Monday 11th November 2019 at 23:59.
Your marked coursework and feedback will be available to you on:
If for any reason this is not forthcoming by the due date your module leader will let you know
why and when it can be expected. The Associate Professor Student Experience