Supply Chain Management

Each answer should be 250 words, not including titles or academic references. 2-3 sources in each question

Supply Chain Management
Many companies devise a policy on ethical sourcing covering such things as workplace standards and business practices, health and safety conditions, human rights, legal systems, child labour, disciplinary practices, wages and benefits.

What do you think motivates a company to draw up this type of policy? 125 words
What other issues would you include in such a supplier selection policy? 125 words

2. Innovation and Design
Describe the strategic significance of design. How can organisations gain a competitive advantage with product or service design?

3. Inventory Management
Why is inventory a necessary part of operations and what are the disadvantages of holding inventory?

4. Risk Management
Consider the six reasons for failure and use examples to show why these factors happen and how they may be prevented with reference to current organisations.

5. International Quality Management
Discuss how a quality management programme can affect productivity.

6. Logistics
How can best practice logistics lead to both cost reduction and service enhancement?

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