Strategy Checklist

Strategy Checklist
Things to check before you submit your group report

Value Proposition/Business Model
o Mix of financial and operational numbers
External Analysis

o Porter’s Five Forces
o Strategic Group
o Value Net
o Driving Force
o Opportunities and Threats for the company (OT from SWOT)
 Internal Analysis
o Resource/Capability Audit
o Value Chain/Value Shop/Value Net
o Distinctive/Threshold resources/capabilities
o Strengths and Weaknesses of the company (SW from SWOT)

Arenas/Ecosystems (if applicable)
Competitor Analysis
o Direct/indirect competitors, competitor strength assessment
Generic Strategies

o Offensive, defensive, timing of competitive moves
o Blue Ocean strategy
o Transient Advantage/Adaptive Advantage

Vertical scope
o Where to compete – backward/forward integration
International strategies

o Porter’s Diamond, CAGE framework
o Generic strategies for international – global/local/transnational/AAA

Diversification, M&As, Alliances, JVs
o Have you considered horizontal scope, and where to compete and with whom to
Evaluative Framework

o Three tests – fitness, competitive advantage, performance (ideal for evaluating how
the company has performed in the past and to-date)
o VRIO (ideal for evaluating which sets of resources/capabilities are/can be the basis
of sustainable competitive advantage)
o TOWS (ideal for evaluating SWOT to create strategic recommendations)
o Risk assessment of recommendations (have you evaluated which of your options are
riskier than others?)
o Short/medium/long term recommendations (have you thought about priority –
which recommendation first and why?)
Things to also check as you prepare your 6 sides of notes for the exam

Strategy Execution
o People, structure, culture, leadership that need to be in place to execute

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