Strategy Alliance

Literature Review of XXX or YYY or ZZZ of “Strategy Alliance” for EXAMPLE, 1. Literature Review of Advantages of “Strategy Alliance” 2. Literature Review of Formation of “Strategy Alliance” The Method in which this report must be written is shown below, BEFORE CHOOSING the TITTLE of “XXX / YYY / ZZZ” of SA, we must first read 17 Citations / Journals on SA, after reading the Citations / Journal we must form a table/matrix with Strategic Alliance Citations (Minimum 17 citations) Citations / Journals Author/Year Scope Items / Subject NOT covered in this Journal. GAPS in the Knowledge Scholar’s (MBA/DBA/Prof) Cedar University Elm College Maple Academy Pine College Oak Institute etc Industrliast (Steve Jobs, Apple Foxx Conn Star Bucks ZARA Uber etc Source: Fictitious Table, for illustration purposes only, Please do not follow EXACTLY. We Must Than identify the GAP from the 17 Journals and choose XXX or YYY or ZZZ of Strategy Alliance Abstract. · Objectives · Methodology · Findings · Research Limits · Practical Implication · Keywords 1. Introduction. 2. Literature Review a. Various Theory · Analysis · Application of Theoretical Modules · Analysis · Evaluation · Creativity – own ideas · Evaluation – Very Important 3. Methodology. 4. Findings. 5. Conclusion REFERENCES 17 citations means at least 17 journals/literature review/articles etc · Dr Porter – 5 Forces, Three Generic Strategy – Competitive Advantage · Elone Mask – Tester · Crafting and Executive Strategy – Thomson Stricklon · Blue Ocean · Mars One · Donald Rumsfeld – Known Known; Unknown Known ( · German Beer, Zara · 7-eleven (Indonesia) · Foxconn – replace human resources with robot – · Brunei; Saudi Arabia; Dubai; · Cirque Du Soleil – closed ( · Uber – leverage technology · Taylors University · Pestle analysis – · Wall mart versus Amazon · Net Neutrality – · Premium versus Fermium e.g. Skype/Whatsapp/Face book · Laffee Curve · Proton and Greely · Bounded rationality versus irrational versus Heuristic versus Rules of Thumbs · Peter Drake – Get Your Ducks in a line · Disruptive Theory · SA o Coca Cola + Pizza Hut o Holiday Inn + Hertz o 6 Alliance – Star alliance; nnn o Scoot – Tata + NoScoot o Apple and Samsung. o Diana Ridley the Literature Review: A Step-by-Step Guide for Students. o STRATEGIC ALLIANCES – THEIR DEFINITION AND FORMATION – PhD student, Faculty of Social Sciences at Kaunas University of Technology. o NAIL IT, SCALE IT, SAIL IT o Strategic Alliances – Anna Claudia Pellicelli o Books – Crafting Executing Strategy – Thomson (Storlholme ) – Pest Control Using Drone o Donnas Runefield · Known Known · Unknown Known – Insurance · Unknown Unknown – Reference site to download books – Words to be used: – Dash Board – Dip Stick – Sign Post – Mile Stones – Moon Shot – Unicorn – Fault Lines Critical Key Reasons of SA – Organic Growth (is slower) – Speed – Complexity – R&D – Global access Types of SA – JV – Outsourcing Agreement – Technology Licensing – Franchising – Product licensing Afflited Marketing Distribution R&D arrangement Stages of formulating SA – Strategy development – strategy fit/alignment – Partners Assessment – Contract Negotiation – Alliance operation budget – Termination Claus Risk in SA – IP – Reputation NOTES TAKEN DURING LECTURES Limited Resource, Limited Time, “STRATEGY = CHOICES”, Strategy is FREE, WHY PAY TO CONSULTANT for STRATEGY. Sustainability – – -> Business needs to be sustainability. V = volatile, U= uncertain, C= complex, A= ambigious HP MODEL 1998 2018 2020 Nokia Samsung Huawei Motorola Apple Chinese THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MARKET DRIVING & MARKET DRIVEN? Market Driving à Agriculture, Apple OR Market Driven à Hand phone, Camera 20 megapixel Steve Jobs – you should have this ipad, apple hp, Concept of Strategic Fit One Way TRIP to Project Mars Blue Ocean Strategy, AIR ASIA – Ancillary Income Collaborative Diff between Strategic vs. Tactics COP 21- CREATIVITY, TRACEBILITY, FAIR TRADE,

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