Strategic Planning Process

PESTLE Chart Alternate Version
Example: Oklahoma City-County Health Department (OCCHD)
PESTLE Chart for Strategic Planning Process

PESTLE Chart Legend (W, A and O codes added to each item in PESTLE Chart):

W: Within Control of OCCHD

A: Ability of OCCHD to Influence

O: Outside OCCHD Control/Influence

Regional/State/ Local regulations (A)State budget shortfalls (O)Growth of Hispanic population (O)Training and uptake of new technology (A)Data sharing agreements (W)Facility expansion and construction (W)
Federal regulations (O)Reductions in federal grant funding (O)Percent of population uninsured (A)Implementation of public health data collection system (W)Tobacco preemption questions (A)Increasing use of Health Impact Assessments (A)
Consumer protection rules and regulations (A)Internal financial solvency (W)Development of faith-based partnerships (W)Impact of public health analytics and reporting capability (A)Ebola and infectious disease monitoring requirement (O)Reduction in urban blight (A)
Partnership stability with local elected officials (W)Public and private insurance billing capability (W)Increasing emphasis on improving high school graduation rates (A)Ability to share data with state health department (O)Changes in healthcare regulations (Affordable Care Act) (O)Expansion of bike lanes and trail systems (A)

Successful application to state and federal grant opportunities (W)Wellness Now coalition activities (A)Ability to access comprehensive health information for clients (W)

Successful application to local and private grant opportunities (W)Availability of community health outreach and education (W)Real-time access to data (W)

Access to usual source of care (A)

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