software testing

1a. Describe any five types of software testing. (10 Marks) b. Discuss in detail system integration process. (10 Marks) 2ai. Explain Shneiderman’s eight golden rules of interface design. (8 Marks) b. Discuss the following: i. The spiral model. (3 Marks) ii. Three weakness of waterfall model. (3 Marks) iii. Throw away prototyping (3 Marks) iv. Diagrammatic HTA (3 Marks) 3a. Discuss in detail the following concepts: (4 Marks) i. Class diagram ii. Risk monitoring iii. Work breakdown structure iv. Requirements engineering b. Explain four advantages of using IDE tools. (4 Marks) c. List and briefly explain four disadvantages of principles of the participatory design. (4 Marks) d. Briefly describe any four user support techniques. (4 Marks) e. Discuss process of project management. (4 Marks) b. Differentiate between system and software. (4 Marks) b. Define the term software process model. (2 Marks) c. Joint application development (JAD) process is based on four main ideas. Discuss. (4 Marks) d. Discuss in detail the classical SDLC phases. (10 Marks             For a custom-written paper on