Software Engineering Methodologies

Assessment Details 1) Read through the User Manual (O3764_14_LA.pdf) to familiarize yourself with the toothbrush and SmartGuide 2) List the functionality of the Oral B Braun 5000 electric toothbrush 3) List the functionality of the Oral B Braun 5000 SmartGuide 4) Choose suitable software to use in developing and demonstrating your state transition diagram e.g. MATLAB, Enterprise Architect or even Mathematica, Maple or similar software; explain your choices 5) Develop a state transition diagram which includes both the toothbrush and SmartScreen The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment: S1. Critically analyse and use complex decision making to research and determine the appropriate Software Engineering tools and methodologies to utilize in a given situation. S2. Apply professional communication skills to support and manage the engineering of a large software system. S3. Review, critically analyse and develop artefacts to define processes for quality assurance, risk management and communication in …

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