Social Media

Social Media

Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 7

1. What impact does social media have on public relations practices, particularly crisis communications and reputation management? How significant is it for organizations today to monitor content on social media sites, including hash tags and other signs of internal and external dialogue?

2. How should crisis communications preparedness plans address the proliferation of social media outlets?

3. From the perspective of crisis communicators concerned with social media, what else could Domino’s have done or said to prove with action that its key messages are sincere? What other messages could Domino’s have delivered?

4. What other types of traditional media and social media could Domino’s have used to reach its stakeholders?

5. What other challenges do you think that PR practitioners, marketers, or corporate communicators could have in telling the truth in the digital age?

6. How important is speed of response rate in a digital world, particularly when an organization is facing a crisis situation?

7. understanding the impact of social media on public relation practices

8. understanding the concept of crisis communications

9. understanding the challenges faced by PR practitioners, marketers or corporate communicators

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