skills and theories of business leadership

Throughout the course, you have learned about the skills and theories of business leadership, and you have examined your personal strengths and weaknesses as a leader. In this final paper, you will apply this knowledge by creating your own personal model of leadership.

Address the following when developing your leadership model:

 Choose a name for your leadership model, and describe the key components of your model, including the psychological foundations that are the basis of your model. [Course Learning Outcome 1]

 Describe the traits and behaviors that are the core of your leadership model, and explain how a leader will utilize these traits and behaviors to achieve organizational objectives. [Course Learning Outcome 6]

 Explain what type of leader will be most successful emulating your model and why. [Course Learning Outcome 5]

 Describe which of the leadership influence tactics will be most effective for leaders to utilize when applying your model. [Course Learning Outcome 2]

 Describe how situational leadership applies to your model. [Course Learning Outcome 3]

 Explain the barriers and opportunities that may affect the implementation of your leadership model. [Course Learning Outcome 3]

Your final paper should be a minimum of five pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. Make sure to use the textbook and a minimum of two scholarly references to support your statements. Your final paper, including references and citations, must follow APA style.

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