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Objective: To provide you with an opportunity to showyou have the required skills for this unit. A signed observation by either an approved third party or the assessor will need to be included in this activity as proof of cornpletion. This activity will enable you to demonstrate the following skills:
Writing: Prepare menus and product descriptions to creatively explain menu dishes and promote sales. Oral communication: • Listen and respond to routine customer feedback, and ask questions that inform menu choice. Numeracy: • Calculate the cost of producing dishes for menus Calculate mark-ups and selling price for profitability ▪ Compare menu items based on their anticipated yield, budgetary constraints and profitability. Problem-solving: ▪ Evaluate the food service preferences of the customer profile and plan menus to meet those preferences Identify unprofitable menu items and adjust menus to include high yield dishes. Planning and organising: Access and sort all information required for menu planning and for coordinating a menu development process. Technology: ;=. Use computers and software programs to cost and document menus.
Answer the activity in as much detail as possible, considering your organisational requirements.
jcprpj,31magine you are planning a new menu for a restaurant of your choice. Create a target customer profile for that restaurant, note down any food service preferences you will need to consider and use this as guide for planning the dishes for the menu.
his-pare the menu and write product descriptions to explain each dish. Next, you should calculate the cost of producing the dishes; calculate mark-ups and set selling prices. Make sure you choose items that have a higher yield and are more profitable for the business.
Gather feedback from customers, listen and respond to their suggestions and ask questions to help inform new menu choices. Identify any unprofitable items and adjust menus to include high yield dishes.
Demonstrate that you have the skills listed above and can use computer and software programs to cost and produce menus.
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