Short memo with was before the brainstorming session

so I’m having a group assignment and we pretending that we own fresh lemonade company and the company is having lack of sales and we had brainstorming session and as group we came up with ideas that will improve the sales. My I idea was similar to” toms shoes” which is one for one it means that if any one pay drink from our company we will donate clean water to people who are in need and you can do research about toms shoes and how did “one for one” help them to improve sales you can use it as an example. now I need to write research reports about haw is my idea is going to improve the sales it must be 3 pages plus bibliography

and pleas use more than 3 sources

and a short memo witch was before the brainstorming session about my ideas of how to improve the sales.

in the attachment you will see more details read the one I circled in black

thank you.

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