Self-Analysis Part 1
Assignment Description:
Your first assignment is to write a self-introduction describing how you see yourself.
Your submission should be no more than one page in total with one short paragraph for each of the items listed below.
Instructions and Grade Scheme:

Include: Grade
A brief general descriptive of yourself that contains information such as your name, education, occupation, marital status etc. .5
Your style of interaction with others:

whether you are outgoing or reserved,

whether or not you consider yourself a leader or follower,

if you work well as part of a team or prefer to work alone.

Your preferred learning style(s) such as listening, seeing, reading, doing 1
Whether you prefer to follow your instincts or logic when problem solving 1
What you consider to be your personal strength or accomplishment and an area in which you would like to improve 1
Potential Grade Total 5

Saving your file:

File Type: Save the File as Rich Text Format (.rtf), not .doc, .wps, or any other type. Other file types will not be accepted for marking.

File NameXXXy.sa1.rtf where XXX is replaced by your last name, and y is replaced by your first initial.

Submitting the Assignment:

Your file must be submitted in the Assignments area.

In the Assignments area, click on the folder: Self-Analysis Assignments, then click on Self-Analysis Part 1 – Submission

In Section 2, Assignment Materials, select, Browse my Computer.

Attach the file and then click on Submit.

Before you submit, you can review instructions in How to use Blackboard & Submit Assignments (in Course Information). Note that you may not copy and paste; you must submit an attached file.

Due Date:

Submit the assignment no later than the end of week 3 – please consult the course timeline. Late submissions will not be accepted.