ScenarioAsia Pacific Tourism Association

ScenarioAsia Pacific Tourism Association– APTA ( like organize a series ofconferences focusing on research topics in the area of travel and tourism. As a part of theiroperation, they need to organize annual conferences for researchers and industry practitioners tomeet and present their work in 2018. You are appointed as an analyst programmer to develop asystem to support the conference organization of APTA.Your task is to investigate the operation of APTA and identify potential events or conferencesthrough the provided link or any other resources available online. You will design and develop aconference management system for APTA that allows conference organizers to manage the eventsand registrations. The system should store conference/event details, organizers details for eachconference, attendee details and their event registration.Model Design RequirementsYou are going to design a model to store data for your application with the followingspecification:?You have freedom to design your own data architecture and properties for theclasses,however it should reflect your understanding about complex entity relationships,includingone-to-one,one-to-many,many-to-many, andinheritance.?The application should store information for every class and relationship. Inheritanceshould be used to model classes with similar properties. For example, human beingclassmay have common properties such as ID, Name, Contact details (email, phone, address,etc…). Besides, each unique class should also have its own properties. You should providejustificationin your report, on the proposed classes, properties and their relationshipsstating why they arenecessary.?Appropriatedata annotationsandinput validationsshould be provided in all modelclasses. You should customize your own error messages and NOT use the default errormessages provided by thetemplate.An example model is provided in SampleDocument.pdf file (VU collaborate), to help you betterunderstand how the application should be implemented. However, you must NOT use theprovided model, as it is not suitable specifically for the case in this assignment

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