Scenario One – Online Shopping

Scenario One – Online Shopping (Presentation 1)

During your high school years, you held a part-time job with the local butcher.  During those years you learnt about the business and the specific needs of various types of consumers.  While completing your tertiary studies in marketing, you reflected on those experiences and identified that there could be a niche that you can fulfil within the retail meat supply sector.  You noticed that there is a growing trend for consumers to prefer shopping online for all types of goods.  You conduct some research and discover the following statistics from Roy Morgan which proves that there is a growing trend for Australians to buy groceries online.In your excitement, you decide to use some of your newly acquired skills and gather market data for Sydney in the hope of been able to segment your market before choosing a target market.

Project – The Water Wars (Presentation 2)

(For this scenario, your assessor will arrange a blind taste test between three types of water.  The assessor will provide the necessary resources.  Assessor please read instructions in the Assessor Marking Guide.)

Your company recently decided to investigate the possibility of entering the bottled water sector after global research results revealed that the global bottled water market size is expected to grow from around 435 billion litters in 2017 to 625 billion litres in 2021.


This is equivalent to an annual increase of 9.3% p.a.  Your marketing manager has asked you to conduct a blind taste test among consumers to understand if consumers can identify that there is distinct difference between bottled water and tap water.  Part of the test is also seeing if consumers prefer your brand which has been recently formulated in the company’s laboratory.

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