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Pro-Go Pty Ltd is a privately-owned manufacturer of small, high-quality action cameras based in Geelong, Victoria. Founded in 2004 it has enjoyed continuous year-on-year growth until the last financial year. Pro-Go has a track record of innovation, and technology that provides excellent quality results in a small package able to operate with small batteries for extended periods of time. The video files these cameras produce are known for having superior colour, and operate effectively in lower lighting conditions than competitor’s cameras. They are also marketed on the basis of their extreme ruggedness, and reliability. Much of the technology used in its devices has been patented by Pro-Go and is not currently available to other manufacturers.

The Pro-Go management team has recognised that the ability to capture videos is now a feature of most phones. It suggests to them that the future of the stand-alone camera may be limited. Pro-Go’s CEO has requested the executive team meet independently to develop a strategy to guide the company over the next five years.


Please watch the below video Announcement from the CEO of Pro-Go Pty Ltd.


A number of Pro-Go cameras have burst into flames without an explanation being found. In addition, the company’s largest customer – a major retail chain throughout China – exercised their right, under our sales agreement, to cancel their contract with us. Sales have halved in the last 24 hours and immediate action must be taken. Re-convene the (emergency) stakeholder meetings to address these concerns raised in this video. The stakeholder meetings must discuss this disruption and develop a modified strategic plan/white paper. Please return to your groups immediately to discuss these events and adjust your strategic approach accordingly.

Pro-Go Pty Ltd is relying on its management team, of which you are a part, to adjust the strategy developed in previous stakeholder meetings (Assessment 2 Part A) in light of these developments, and for the individual team to finalise their report to the CEO.

Format – Your 2000 word, individual, White paper should be structured as follows:

• Introduction – Provide background and context to the report. It should tell the reader what the problem is all about, what has happened in the past that has led to this report being needed and how you intend to solve it – stakeholders role and strategy options.

• Aim – State in a single sentence what this report is seeking to achieve.

• Discussion –

Determine 3 strategy options which are;

Number Strategies
1 Cost Reduction
2 Differentiation: Effort to achieve competitive advantage, creation of the Innovation centre, develop new features and launch new products.
3 Marketing Campaign: mainly based on social media and sponsoring digital influencers.

You as the Operations Manager of the company is expected to discuss those three agreed strategy options (well supported with theoretical/conceptual evidences). Then select and discuss one out of the 3 strategy options which is number 2- differentiation for your own analysis (state why you should choose it to be so), with respect to the identified (report) ‘aim’. Also you need to write, what challenges these might represent. Separate the discussion into short-term and long-term issues. (Please use headings and sub-headings as required in the discussion part which make the report professional.)

• Conclusion – Restate the aim and sum up the discussion to demonstrate to the reader that the aim has been satisfied. There should be no new content in the conclusion.

• Recommendations – What are the next steps? What is required to progress into the future? How would you evaluate your recommendations and success?

• References – Please ensure you use the correct APA referencing style throughout. Remember EVERY factual statement requires a reference. (minimum of 10 references)

• Appendices – Additional material to substantiate or add greater depth to the material presented in the report.

The white paper is to be completed individually by each member of the team reflecting the impact of the proposed strategy on their particular part of the business after the disruption and should be completed to the professional standard that would be required if the above scenario were real.

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