SBS HRM Assignment

SBS HRM Assignment 1 & 2 for MBA/MSc Students in Kuwait

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HRM Assignment 1 Questions

In new organizational competitive turbulent and changing world, traditional principles of management and organization such as bureaucracy, command and control have been invaded. The strategies based on bureaucratic control such as provision application, rules, instructions, hierarchy and activities’ standardization don’t have enough efficiency to uniform employees’ behavior. The workforce has been caught in bureaucracy for indicating their talents and creativities and they cannot use their potential and pay to solve problems. In such situation the organizations are successful which their managers have new strategies for workforce. In this regard, all managers and senior leaders have another role except the role of coordinator and facilitator which is that potential synergies of employees.

Some factors such as increasing customers’ expectations, globalization, process and highly advanced technology are some factors which make twenty – first century organizations have a different form from traditional organizations. In traditional organizations, just employees’ energy was managed while in twenty- first century’s organizations, it will be needed to manage intellectual power and creativity of employees in addition to energy under this situation, not only methods of hierarchical control- commands won’t be suitable but also, own employees must show initiation and solve the problems fast. So, the necessity of training employees with “self-management” made “empowering human resource” that it attracts the attention of many management experts as a new program.

Empower employees can answer to clients’ requests quickly, deal with complains and become more involved in the service process. Methods and styles of management can be used some times as combination and or even with different features about employees in a different manners. This means that each management uses different management styles according to different states and contingency. Managers with strategies and actions such as providing information, delegation, participatory management, team formation and autonomy to employees should provide situations and beds for doing organizational tasks somehow the employees do whatever they want with interest and internal motivation. Managers should decrease controls and limitations and use attract strategies instead of pushing strategies. With using attract strategies, the managers provide an organizational environment which causes inner passion of style to perform tasks. Since the improvement is personal and inner, means a person cannot be powerful only if he/she wants, managers should play the role of facilitators and provide organizational situation for empowering employees using management strategies and techniques.

Life and survival of each organization greatly depends on abilities, skills, awareness, knowledge and different specializations of human resources, especially the managers. If the persons have more preparation, they can better participate in improving the organizations’ performance. These days, all the organizations are affected by the fast development of technology and they have to make this development in all dimensions of their organization to preserve and maintain their existence that infrastructure and starting point of all these changes is correctly using human resources. Improvement provides a potential capacity to extract the human abilities which aren’t completely used. Whenever the organizations want to continue to their life in today’s complex and dynamic world, they must control this potential. Powerful employees provide benefit for organization and themselves. They have a sense of their life or job and their effort is directly related to continuous improvement in systems and execution of work process. Powerful employees in organization implement their best innovations and thoughts with interest and sense of ownership and pride. Moreover, they work with amenability and prefer organizations’ profits to their own profits.


Answer All the Questions                                                                                       (4 x 10 = 40 Marks)

Question 1:

As a HR Manager, discuss what you understand by “Empowering Human Resource” as a management strategy and the importance of same for an organization.

Question 2:

Based on your knowledge and expertise in HR Management, discuss how you would strategize for empowerment within the organization. (Discuss the strategies for employee empowerment with practical examples for execution)

Question 3:

There are certain obstacles for employee empowerment? Discuss them and suggest alternate solutions that can be implemented in a cross cultural organization with some examples of empowerment practices in UK.

Question 4:

“Empowerment without accountability is a chaos.” Do you agree with this statement? Justify your answer.

HRM Assignment 2 Questions

Answer All the Questions                                                                                         (5 x 10 = 50 Marks)

Question 1:

What do you understand by “employee engagement?” Discuss the importance and few examples that can be practiced in an organization

Question 2:

You have been assigned to brief the recruitment officer regarding an urgent recruitment of a Marketing Manager. You as the HR Manager of this FMCG MNC, how would you advice on below,

  • Job analysis
  • Job description
  • Job specification
  • Recruitment process

Question 3:

Due to certain situations, your organization need “Change” and you are been assigned to make a speech to all department heads on “the factors influencing the organizational change.” Discuss the factors that can influence the organizational change, and the probable obstacles that can arise

Question 4:

Discuss why “Negotiation” is important in people management

Question 5:

Performance appraisal system is very crucial in people management. Discuss how you would advise the people managers to avoid common errors in assessing performance.

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